Hun Scruton HUB

The Hungarian Scientific Hub of Scruton’s Heritage

Scruton HUB

An open community of researchers and creators

The Hun Scruton HUB (The Hungarian Scientific Hub of Scruton’s Heritage) is an open-ended creator and research community which aims to adapt, analyse and actualize the life’s work of Sir Roger Scruton.

Open ended community,because everyone is welcome to join as long as they are able to adapt (based on previous professional activity) the work of our namesake.

Research communitybecause in order to understand the life’s work of Scruton, it is required to be prepared scientifically, that’s why all researchers who analyze our namesake’s work are welcome to join to HSH.

Creator community,because Scruton himself, wrote literature, composed music and drew art, that’s why anyone who actualizes his work can join to HSH.

HSH operates with creating content. That’s why it consists of local and international lecturers and students that teach and attend at BSS. Scruton HUB can only participate in the international scientific conversation if we add our own content. That’s why our activities fall into three main categories:

Scruton Studies →

Budapest Scruton Seminar →

Ambassasor Program →


Scruton Studies

It’s contents consists of five topics: national thought (civilization and community), conservationism (politics and tradition), music (classical music), architecture ( civic design) and aesthetics..

Scruton Studies provides the ground for researchers to place the work into context, and debate its contents. It’s also our goal to place Hungarian politics, aesthetics, and moral philosophical traditions into the international discourse. So the Hungarian writers named specifically by Scruton ( Bartók, Makovecz) and writers of similar theory ( Antal Molnár, Lajos Fülep, Nándor Várkonyi) could become important cornerstones of the HSH portfolio. The most important time period for the English philosopher was the Victorian era, specifically the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood whose art nouveau-analysis have not started yet.

That’s why the result of this analysis would be very beneficial in both areas of Hungarian education’s international effect and the adaption of Scruton’s work.

Budapest Scruton Seminar

The Budapest Scruton Seminar (BSS) is a yearly intensive special college, which is led by international researchers. Every BSS deals with a specific question ( f.e. What is beautiful? What is the advantage of nations? How can contemporary traditions be experienced?). Aside from this, workshops that deal with philosophical creations are also available – to experience the world of Scruton. The one week intensive course is finished by an essay and a study by participants. This is required for the certificate.

The goal of Budapest Scruton Seminar academy is to launch the scientific research about Roger Scruton’s thoughts about Central Europe..

The practical goal of BSS is to deepen the interest about Scruton’s philosophy. And finally the pedagogic goal of BSS is to provide opportunity for learned youth to participate in seminars and lectures about the English philosopher.

Scruton Ambassador Program

The ideal Scruton ambassadors:Do you know Scruton’s ideology? Are you interested in philosophy, theology, aesthetics or politics? Would you like to be part of a youthful intellectual group full of ambition? Would you like to take part in an open and working conservative community? 

The program provides opportunity for self-education on the basis of Scruton’s life’s work (Budapest Scruton Seminar, Oxford: Scruton Memorial Lecturesresearch work, and organizer access to relevamt events.

The members have to opportunity to meet every month to attend and give lectures. The byproduct of these meetings, lectures and experiences have a chance to be released in both Hungarian and in English. The program also provides opportunity for members to take part exclusive political, scientific and cultural events.


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