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Scruton - kávézó

Food and drink

Discover our food and drink selection, which we curated so it always has something for everyone.

You can always find the best selection when you visit us, let it be tiredness, healthiness or happiness. Our home-brewed specialty coffee offers company for reading, our daily menu is great for conversations, or at night, you can relax with your friends with a glass of wine!

We have a constantly-changing menu in all of our restaurants, where we always strive to prepare our food with seasonal and fresh ingredients. Our service is motivated by the trust that you provide.


Scruton weekly menu

Fresh and tasty everyday!

We await guests with our daily menus in all of our Budapest venues. When creating our menus, we strive to provide the best experience to all of our guests with different tastes.

After having our menu, choose a tasty coffee or a dessert to end your dining experience on a high note. If you prefer vegan products, you have the option to request plant-based milk in your drinks, or choose one of our vegan cookies from our ever-changing selection.

Check out our weekly menu, visit our restaurants. and eat your favourite meals! 


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