Scruton - Az értékalkotó közösségi tér
Sir Roger Scruton - Scruton az értékalkotó közösségi tér
Our philosophy

Scruton, the value-creating
community space

We launched the Scruton community spacesin Budapest, with our first venue located at Zoltán utca 10, followed by other community spaces at Scruton MCC and Scruton V.P. and lastly, down the coast of Balaton: Scruton Pelso.

Our main goal is to preserve and evolve the traditional values of Scruton. We undertake the task to pass down the conservative values and notions to future generations in a welcoming manner, primarily with intellectual debates and cultural events at our community spaces.

With our motto being “know what you do”, our community spaces provide guidance for the ones who want to seek answers, with our goal being to provide value with our events and our ethos. 

Our namesake, Sir Roger Scruton’s work mirrors the conservative ethos, which rings true for our community spaces as well. We are also humbled to have the active support of the widow of Sir Roger Scruton, who helps with our work, as well as provide us with advice and pieces of Scruton’s personal posessions. 



We build our community together: we read, converse, dream and debate. The source of our inspiration is the philosophical ethos our namesake, Sir Roger Scruton. Our values stand on the pillars of local involvement, the respect of traditions, and the love of home. That’s why we made it our mission to provide space for social events, lectures and community initiatives,which represent similar values, such as intellectuality, the preservation of culture and sustainability. 

Our debate nights the thrive on the basis of the mutual respect between the participants. Our goal is to widen the perception of our listeners, that’s why we welcome everyone to these kind of events – lets expand our insight and improve the intellectuality of our community together!
We invite you to share our passion for real values, check out one of our events, where you can create and gain new insights and viewpoints, get to know different cultures, or create handcrafted objects! Our intellectual workshop, aside from exceptional people and ways of thinking, also provides space for physical creation as well. We frequently work with local artists and small businesses, thus bringing our community closer to the spirit of creativity and the joy of creation.

We thrive to create seasonal events associated with national, folk and religious holidays, thus bridging the gap between past and future, preserving our legacy for the modern age.

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Thinking locally


Would you like to read with a specialty coffee or home-made dessert at your side? Would you like try a special tea? Perhaps you desire a delicious lunch or hefty breakfast? And at night you would like to enjoy an extraordinary dinner in the company of friends with a few glasses of wine or cocktails? You can enjoy our spaces at any time of the day.

After Scruton’s ethos, we believe that the sustainable and green world starts at the actions of individuals. We too believe in local expedient: when making our food and drink, during serving or cleaning, we always strive to produce minimal ecological footprint.

We are also aware of the sustainable way of thinking during our events. Local businesses often make an appearance: get to know their work, message and you can even indulge in their area of expertise.

Intellectual workshop

Knowledge center

Our intellectual workshop could not be what it is, without our extensive library that provides our entire base of knowledge. Discover the works of Sir Roger Scruton and countless other philosophers (including but not limited to: Balázs Ablonczy, Albert Apponyi, Francis Fukuyama, János Gyurgyák, István Nemeskürty), which can be read in our venues. We would like to make these writings accessible and present the knowledge that they carry within. 

Our goal is to prove to the younger generation as well, that the conservative way of thinking is not antiquated, in fact, it was never more relevant than it is now, in the face of individualism in the 21. century. 

The home, the cultural heritage, and the love of tradition, the respect for life and development is the basis of the evolving and sustainable society, and to make the most we can individually, in order to develop our environment.

Get lost in one of our books from our vast selection while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, and get to know new insights and worldviews. Start a conversation with other guests, or participate in debate nights and get your voice heard! Our goal is to widen the intellectual space, while discovering new ways of thinking and reviving the culture of debate. We are open to your innovative views, support, and constructive criticism as well! 

We trust that the new acquaintances, contacts and friendships made in the Scruton community space turn out to be fruitful!


In the Scruton community space, knowledge is easily attainable and conversations are often valuable. As long as humans exist as storytellers, they can share their experience and knowledge through anecdotes and universal narrative. This could be key in today’s rushed society, in order to preserve the importance of traditional and cultural values, family, and small communities, in spite of individualism.

Take a look at our wide palette of cultural events from book exhibitions to musical wine tastings. You can find thematic events, cultural or gastro-experiences while getting to know the teachings deemed important by Sir Roger Scruton. The works found in our bookcases provide insight on the values, and the cultural, artistic and scientific knowledge of the learned individual.  

We made it our goal to be the platform and forum of the scientific, artistic and cultural debates, that’s why its possible to develop ones ‘self through different events and conversations at Scruton.  

We would like to provide opportunity and space for talented, youthful entrants to flourish, with our events and exhibitions. 


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