Budapest Scruton Seminar

The Budapest Scruton Seminar is a five-day international summer school organized by the Hungarian Scruton Hub, led by Akos Windhager with the assistance of Academic Adviser Ferenc Hörcher under the patronage of Sophie Scruton.

Between the 26th and 30th of June 2023 Budapest will host a Scruton Seminar on "Roger Scruton's Philosophy in the Context of Lifestyle, Art, and Politics."

The faculty will include international speakers such as Sophie Scruton, James Orr, Matthew Davis, Andrew Hamilton, Roman Joch, John O’ Sullivan, Daniel Pitt and Stephen Travis Sholl, as well as Hungarian lecturers such as Gergely Egedy, Balázs Mezei, Bianka Speidl, and Márton Falusi.

The Seminar encourages cordial academic discussion on Roger Scruton's perspectives on lifestyle, arts, and politics in Hungary and Central Europe. It promotes interest in Scruton's philosophy and give young scholars the chance to study and discuss the work of the British philosopher through lectures and seminars of the highest academic calibre.

The schedule includes morning 50-minutes academic lectures and afternoon 50-minutes reading seminars. In the afternoon sessions, students will give their own thoughts on the subjects discussed in the morning. At the completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate.

Among the subjects of investigations and conversations are:

  • Scruton’s reception in Hungary and Central Europe
  • Scruton's views on "peaceful disagreement"
  • Scruton's works of fiction and Central European literature
  • Scruton's idea on music and architecture
  • Scruton's exposition on Budapest as a city and the nature of the metropolis
  • Scruton's works about the West and other civilizations
  • Scruton’s view on political theology, religious politics, and secular religion


Call for Applications

Students can apply by submitting their curriculum vitae, list of publications, a reflective essay (9000 characters)
on Scruton’s Why Lampposts and Phone Booths Matter, and a cover letter by 10th May 2023.

We will announce successful applicats by 24th May 2023

The program fee is 1200 EUR, which includes accommodation, catering, and cost of the programs.
You can also apply for a 1000 EUR scholarship if you are willing to publish and highlight the seminar and course activities through social media, podcast, blogs, vlogs.

If you are a member of the Hungarian Scruton Hub’s Ambassador Programme the fee is discounted to 100 EUR.


To complete the program, students will compose an academic paper on one of the themes discussed in the Scruton Seminar. Participants will work under the supervision of a faculty member.